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My name is Adeel Chowdhry and I'm one of the most highly paid digital consultants online. I have extensive experience across the broad of internet marketing spanning ten years. I specialize in digital product launches, product development, lead generation, affiliate recruitment, webinars, software development, personal coaching, outsourcing, social marketing, email marketing and funnel creation and optimization.

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Apr 25

Pixel Studio FX |Adeel Chowdhry

Pixel Studio FX was created to solve a need, and it stemmed from my desire to create amazing ebook covers with a few clicks of the mouse, without being technical or a design artist. This is the best software tool on the planet to help you create beautiful ecovers within minutes, even without Photoshop or […]

Aug 1

Great News!


Pixel Studio FX Launch confirmed for September the 21st at 9am EST. We are hoping to make this the biggest launch of 2015 and we’re giving away over $35,000+ in JV Prizes. Have a look at our JV Contest on: http://pixelstudiofxjv.com/jvcontests/ If you’re still sitting on the edge then have a look at the awesome […]

Jul 22

Crew Member X


**Connection initiated** Who is Mr X – Jimmy Kim Exposed. It has been an incredible week,so much has happened which really tested all of us. All the crew and also not to mention you. We thank you for your ongoing support during this critical Mission This secret mission will ultimately lead to an outer space […]

Jul 13

How it all started


Here is how this all started… We started nearly a year ago. Ali and I sat down in the lab and we questioned what was missing. We asked ourselves what would help mankind to move forward and progress. i remember the day like it was yesterday… a day ill never forget. When creating a product or […]

Jul 13

The Beginning


I Can’t Keep this Secret Any Longer… It started more than 12 months ago, Ali Chowdhry and I started with a vision. They said it was impossible, they said it had never been done before. That’s when we knew we had to make the impossible, possible.That vision manifested it self into an idea and that […]

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